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Rarely is a product so perfectly matched with an indication as exists with the Hem-o-Lok and Cholecystectomy. There is no clip on the market more reliable for cystic duct and artery clipping. The various clip size options, as well as variable applicator shaft lengths, make it an ideal solution for any circumstance, including the incidental cholecystectomy done concurrently with other procedures including bariatric surgery. The new multi-fire AE5 5mm device makes the single incision cholecystectomy ligation a breeze. Even better, it’s the most economical clip on the market, making the ideal product also the most cost-effective! I wouldn’t want to imagine performing gallbladder surgery without the Hem-o-Lok!"

— Jamie Loggins, MD, FACS, FASMBS, Chief of Surgery, Central Maine Medical Center, Lewiston, Maine

I am a gynecological oncologist with over 25 years of experience and have used Hem-o-lok for over 20 years. Because of the locking mechanism of the Hem-o-lok, I consider them as an alternative to a suture versus a typical clip that is analogous to a tie. The security of knowing the Hem-o-lok will never slip off has allowed me to use the clips on large and vital vessel, such as the IMA or the uterine artery. Not only do the clips yield security, but they dramatically improve on the efficiency of the procedure (much faster).

Over the past six years I have converted my practice, such that 90% of my cases are done robotically. Indeed, I have performed over 1,800 robotic procedures, the most performed worldwide by a gynecological oncologist. I have been able to incorporate the Hem-o-lok into my robotic procedures. Here to knowing how secure they are is comforting. Additionally, they are a major reason that my procedures have been reported as the most efficient in the literature."

— Gerald Feuer, MD Atlanta, Georgia

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